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Best Late Night Of The Morning: Donald Trump Sees Things That Other People Can’t

In case you ‘ve turned off the push notifications in your brain that alert you whenever Donald Trump says B.S., because he ‘s always saying something crazy and you don ‘t want your mind-phone to be buzzing frickin ‘ constantly, allow us to catch you up: most recently, unless he ‘s said something else crazy in the past day or two, which he probably has, Donald Trump said that (a) he ‘saw” Muslims cheering when the World Trade Center towers were destroyed and that (b) he ‘predicted” way back in 2000 that Osama Bin Laden was a bad guy up to no good.

Which brings us to wonder, what kinds of things could a mere mortal like Stephen Colbert see if he had the Trump-like powers to see things that never happened and predict things that are common knowledge you can read in the newspaper? See for yourself:

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