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Ah Crap! Here’s The Year’s First Insanely Sad Christmas Commercial

Arrivaderci, Thanksgiving and hello, Christmastime! We ‘re ready for the food, the gifts, the decorations, and the emotionally volatile advertisements aimed at breaking us down to our core.

Starting off on that last point strong, before December even begins, is the German supermarket Edeka. They really hit all the feels, and hit them hard, in this heart-wrenching commercial for a grocery store. So ya know, now when you food shop, a thing you have to do no matter what, you can just be incredibly sad about your peepaw dying.

You don ‘t have to understand German to know the language of DEATH!! Basically this old fuck pretends to die in order to get his kids home for the holidays. And then when they show up for his funeral, he ‘s like, nah just kidding let ‘s eat a Butterball turkey and literally everyone is cool with his prank and resolves their issues of being a shitty family member and Christmas is saved. Just like Baby Jesus intended.

Does this man go too far to make a point? Yes. Does this supermarket go too far to make us all feel like guilty assholes for not calling our grandparents. Yes. Are we all stoked for the cool shit we ‘re gonna get for Christmas? Yes.

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