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We Fixed The One Thing Wrong With Princess Charlotte’s New Photos

Two new photos of baby Princess Charlotte have been released from the royal vault and let me tell ya, the girl looks like a real baby!! Which brings me immediately to the big problem with the photos. They scream ‘baby,” but they don ‘t scream ‘princess.”Take a look for yourself:

Not to diss baby Charlotte in any way, she truly looks fantastic ‘healthy, probably smells like a good baby, has some soft looking hair ‘ but that ‘s all normal baby stuff. Call me old fashioned but I want to see a princess baby with a little tiara and some grown adult servants tending to her. Maybe she could be sitting on a potty throne or eating a cookie shaped like the territory she will control one day.

It ‘s just that we see plain babies all the time and good as they may be, when we get the opportunity to see a princess baby, it ‘d be nice to indulge in how that little baby isn ‘t like you and me. She ‘s different. She ‘s a princess.

Just take a look at how much more royal these improved photos are:

Now this is what the people want. This is a baby that is clearly also a princess. Got that Kate and Wills? Next time you show us a picture of your adorable child, please give us the goods. We already know she is better than us mere peasants, so why don ‘t you just show us!

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