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Adam Sandler Updates “The Chanukah Song” To Add ‘Frozen’ Actors And Jared From Subway

Adam Sandler has updated his famous ‘Chanukah Song” with new lyrics only two times ‘ until this year! Now he has updated it three times. Because he updated it one more time, and 2+1=3. That ‘s just basic addition.

Here is ‘The Chanukah Song Part IV” (that ‘s part four because it is the third time it ‘s been rewritten, so we are adding the original one together with the three times that it has been rewritten, which adds up to a total of four) in all its updated-for-2015 glory. The song ‘s massive list now includes the likes of Drake, Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel, Dr. Drew, Jared Fogle, and more.

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