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5 Viral Vids That Won The Internet This Week

We tried summing up this week ‘s best vids, but we can ‘t even.

1. Automatic Door Kid

As your watching this, try to remember the last time you learned about something and your brain just couldn ‘t handle it. And no, the new Star Wars trailer doesn ‘t count.

2. Dolphin Fights Dad

No offense to this man, but we bet the dolphin would totally win in a real fight.

3. Girl Destroys Drums

Watch as a 5-year-old girl absolutely nails this “drum cover” of “Toxicity.” Of course, there ‘s nothing particularly funny about it, unless you count all the potential you ‘ve wasted by never learning how to do this.

h/t Tastefully Offensive

4. Mashed Potatoes and Golf

Originally uploaded in 2013, this video made the rounds this week perhaps because of Thanksgiving??? Or maybe it ‘s just the fact that someone finally made golf fun to watch.

h/t Digg

5. Mom Cockblocks Son

Her telling him to go put on his pajamas in the beginning becomes 10 times funnier after you get to the end.

h/t Uproxx

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