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Editor Igor Volsky Calls Bullshit On NRA Supported Politcians’ “Prayers” In Wake Of Latest Shooting

In the wake of yesterday ‘s mass shooting, the one in San Bernardino, not the one in Savannah (super confusing, I know!), Igor Volsky took to Twitter to call out the hypocrisy of NRA supported politicians tweeting their ‘thoughts and prayers.”Volsky, an editor at ThinkProgress, called out the crocodile tears of these politicians, who posted words of support but whose actions say something else: dipping their fingers in the honey pot of the NRA in order to support the gun lobby agenda.

To every person who tweeted their T ‘s n ‘ P ‘s, Volsky responded with how much money they ‘ve accepted from the pro-gun organization:

There are many, many more of these tweets, calling out these men and women who would rather just send thoughts and prayers than, ya know, use their position of power to help enact change. This goes to show that with some research, a twitter account, and being in the spirit of trolling, we can start to make a difference.

Also, for those interested in making a difference, here is an easy how-to guide to contacting your representatives and letting them know you would like more than just their thoughts and prayers. Troll in the name of safety, people.

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