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Embarrassing Dad Can ‘t Even Listen To Music In The Car Without Completely Losing His Shit

Even though it ‘s nowhere near Father ‘s Day, we here at Funny Or Die would just like to take a brief second to say one thing: Dads are the best. And tops among them right now is rising Instagram star Queenzflip, who knows that sometimes you just need to teach your kids what real hip hop is, by any means necessary.

In a recent series of videos all shot in his car, the Flip Man (our nickname not his) completely freaks out while listening to different hip-hop classics. Meanwhile, a very patient member of his family humors his antics while trying to avoid losing their lunch or getting caught in a variety headlocks. Is this a new style of comedy or just the ultimate dad joke? Either way, his kids are learning very important lessons about hip hop, family, and even revenge.

Don ‘t be a dumb idiot. Go follow Queenzflip on Instagram right now for more real hip hop.

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