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A Missouri Lawmaker Wants To Makes Guns As Difficult To Get As Abortions

  • Watch a 30 minute video on potential risks.
  • Discuss outcomes and your choice with a licensed physician.
  • Be heckled as you approach the center.
  • Wait 72 hours between decision and implementation.
  • Be subjected to stories of individuals who think your decision is not only wrong, but immoral.

This is currently the process women must go through in order to get an abortion and a Missouri state representative wants it to be for purchasing guns as well. Representative Stacey Newman is working to create a bill that will hopefully impede on the current easy accessibility to firearms.
The likelihood this bill will be passed is very low and it ‘s more ~symbolic~ than anything else, but it ‘s a pretty good way to get a point across. You know, better than the much more violent way people have been getting their points across with guns.

Also, while we ‘re throwing out symbolic bills to make a gesture, let ‘s make getting extra guac at Chipotle as easy as getting a gun, ya know, less reminders on all the stipulations and what not. We know it ‘s extra.

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