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Worse Things Kim & Kanye Could’ve Named That Baby

The world was shaken to its core this week as Kim Kardashian announced the name of her freshest child with husband Kanye West. That ‘s right, everybody, they named their child Saint West! And the only thing that could be more shocking than these two celebrities naming their son Saint is if they had not named their son Saint.

Really, let ‘s put things into perspective. I know Kim and Kanye can be a lot to deal with, but at least they didn ‘t name that baby after a fruit or piece of furniture. Good for them! They avoided Game of Thrones characters and Instagram filters. That ‘s something! And for that, we should all be thankful. Imagine if you had to be tweeting about ‘Khaleesi West” right now. See, your life could be worse.

I know we ‘re all dying to crucify K&K for everything they do, but keep in mind that Kim Kardashian is the result of our society, not the downfall of it. We created her and now we must suffer the consequences. But the consequences are not quite so bad as we ‘re making them to be. Just to put it into perspective, here are all the names that could ‘ve been worse than Saint:

  • South by South
  • Easton
  • West West
  • His Holiness
  • God
  • Our God
  • GOD!!!
  • Kanye
  • AllLivesMatter
  • Graham
  • Nathan
  • Duncan
  • Justin
  • Cole
  • Yeezus ‘
  • ISIS
  • Donald Trump
  • Publicity Stunt
  • Contour Tutorial
  • Waist Trainers Are Actually Good For You
  • Sex
  • Michael Jordan
  • Michael B Jordan
  • @KimKardashianWest
  • Caitlyn
  • My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy
  • You ‘ll Never Live Up to Our Accomplishments
  • You ‘ll Never Live Up to Your Name
  • How Many Followers Did You Gain Today?
  • Fame is Killing Our Souls, Please Send Help!
  • Little Jesus

So please be grateful that the oracle has bestowed upon us young Saint. And maybe quit hating on a baby; he has no idea what he ‘s gotten himself into. But how hilarious will it be if he lives up to his name??

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