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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

Here ‘s your last chance to catch up on everything you couldn ‘t possibly have missed on the internet this week.

Monkey Magic

The real magic comes after the trick, when this little orangutan melts your cold, devilish heart.

h/t Tastefully Offensive

Husband Pranks Wife ‘ Again

You know that prank where you tell someone to pose for a photo, but you actually take a video? Well this husband has been doing that to his wife for years now and it NEVER GETS OLD.

Mastiff And Chill

Bullmastiff ‘s aren ‘t exactly known for their agility, as evidenced by this video of a bullmastiff competing in an agility competition. That said, if this were a ‘Give a Fuck” competition, he would also come in last.

h/t Reddit

When Girl Meets Wall

A female rugby player attempts to tackle a college football player and, outside of being hilarious, it doesn ‘t work out so well.

h/t Reddit

Hardly Working

This garbage man throwing out a mattress is all the proof you need that humans will work three times as hard if it means not having to do any work.

h/t Know Your Meme

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