By: Jason Alexander

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The Hypothetical Star Wars Holiday Special

Before you see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, find out if BB8 makes it home for Droid Day in the only holiday special based solely on rumor and conjecture about the upcoming film. Featuring a cavalcade of stars and a very special performance from “Train.”

Writers / Directors: Nick Corirossi, Charles Ingram
Executive Producer: Owen Burke
Executive Producer: Christian Heuer
Producer: Bryson Pintard
Producer: Sean Boyle
Production Manager: Ross Buran
Cinematographer: Boa Simon
Additional Cinematography: Aaron Ulbrich
Additional Cinematography: Matt Sweeney
1st AC: Jenny Hou
Production Design: Libby Wampler
Art Director: Troy Miller
Art PA: Sam Herrera
Wardrobe: Gabi Perez
Make Up: Michelle Sfarzo
Make Up: Emily Rae Hilgenberg
Sound Mixer: Mike Robertson
Sound Mixer: Ben Foreman
Gaffer: Zac Baney
Gaffer: Stephen S Peter
Gaffer: :Colin Trenbeth
Key Grip: Coco Moore
Key Grip: Rene Yescas
Swing: Sean Ryan
Editor: Brad Schulz
Editor: Kegan Swyers
VFX: Caleb Swyers
VFX: Jack Bishop
Sound Designer: Sean Oakley
Title Graphics: Shawn James
Miniatures: Ian Pfaff
Frank Ippolito: Costume Fabricator
Redge Moonhopper: Jason Alexander
Train: Themselves
Sqwee-zl45: Keith David
Constable Zuvio: Josh Fadem
Kylo Ren: Austyn Jeffs / Nick Corirossi
Captain Phasma: Wes Schlagenhauf / Jude Dexter
Announcer: Chris Batstone
Rey: Kate Walsh
Finn: Allan MacLeod
Chewbacca: Bryson Pintard
Lydia Hearst: Herself
DJ Quals: Himself
Stormtrooper: Jon Milstein
Special Thanks: Roy Powers, Robert Estrada,
“Droid Day ‘ original composition by “Train ‘

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