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Idiot Subway Rider Keeps Missing The Train

Psst ‘ Over here.

Wanna watch a video where a stupid idiot just barely misses the train over and over and over? What if I told that he desperately tries to run down the train each time, even though it ‘s moving very fast with its doors closed? Sounds good, right? What if I also told you that in addition to being a stupid idiot, this guy was also a real dumb idiot? Haha, yeah baby, now you ‘re clicking.

Made by NYC comedians Arthur Meyer and Colin Elzie the video serves to shine a light on just how unhinged we can all become in those small moments when it seems the world is stacked against us. Day after day after day. And no matter how hard you try, it ‘s seems like you never seem to make any progress. It ‘s alway one step forward, two steps back, you know?

Seriously tho, what a fucking idiot!

via Arthur Meyer

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