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Five Chewbacca Impressions You Need To Watch Before You See ‘The Force Awakens’

Movie fact time!!!! Did you know that before they cast a human actor to play Chewbacca, the makers of Star Wars auditioned a can of cola, an animated TV character that teen boys everywhere love, and also several chairs? Nah, of course you didn ‘t know that, cuz we are pulling your leg right now, but all those things we mentioned are things that make noises kinda like the weird noises that big Wookie makes.

This Star Wars release week, may The Force Awakens be with you, but also may the Chewbacca #content be with you, as you remember the fun you had watching these five stellar ( like stars, get it?!) impressions:

1. Toiletpaperbacca:

2. Chairbacca

3. Stoolbacca

4. Chew-coca???

5. Family Guyca, I mean, uh ‘ Chewter Griffin, er, uhh ‘ IDK but this one is good, it sounds just like him!

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