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Adele’s Concerts Are Going To Solve The California Drought Crisis

Queen of ‘da feels”, Adele, announced a North American tour for her album 25. The string of shows which will kick off mid-July in St. Paul, Minnesota, will include a six night stint in Los Angeles.

Guys. That means one thing. Well it means two things. First, delete your ex ‘s number from your phone and erase it from your memory before you go to those concerts because the last thing you need to do is call them mid-power sob at an Adele concert, my god. But more importantly, those six concerts in Los Angeles will be what saves California from its mega drought.

Footage from the area surrounding Adele ‘s concerts.via

L.A ‘s Staples Center holds over 18,000 people, and according to shady Yahoo Answers math, a two hour concert will provide us with 18mL of tears per person, which leaves us with 1,944 L of tear water over six days with the stadium at full capacity. Boom, baby! We ‘ve got a wet, wet city! (But not like D'Angelo concert wet!)

Engineers have till July to create some sort of aqueduct system that ‘ll utilize those tears and send them directly to the dry deserts outside the city. It ‘ll be a flood of biblical proportions. Not only is Adele saving us from our darkest and deepest emotions, she ‘ll be saving the city of Angels from its imminent dry death.

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