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The Convo That Probably Went Down When Taylor Swift Met Her Doppelg ‘nger

Over the weekend Taylor Swift met her lookalike,Olivia Sturgiss, in Melbourne. The internet went nuts.

Also, some random girl posed with them, idk who that is ‘

Can you imagine the conversation between the Queen of Pop and her doppelg ‘nger?

Taylor: So, we really look a lot a like, don ‘t we?
Olivia: Yeah!
Taylor: Weird. Could we be rel ‘
Olivia: Related? Probably not.
Taylor: Yeah, you ‘re right. Hey, did you know ‘
Olivia: That your cat is named Olivia? I do. I ‘m a huge fan of yours.
Taylor: Thank you. We don ‘t have much in common other than our noses and blonde hair, do we?
Olivia: That is EXACTLY what I was just thinking!!!
Taylor: Whoa!!!

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