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An Artist Drew What Jesus Looked Like So We Can Decide If He Was Hot Or Not

If today you were wondering, was Our Lord Jesus Christ a DILF? Well, first of all, he wasn ‘t a dad, but if you ‘re Catholic, you could technically work that out logically with the trinity and all but what I am trying to get to here is that the face of Jeezo has been recreated and we are able to now decide if he was hot or not.

A medical artist with a lot of time on his hands did a bunch of forensic, anthropological, and geographical research to figure out just what Jeezy looked like.

That ‘s him. Yep. That ‘s Jesus and I know what you ‘re thinking. Is he hot or is he not hot? He definitely has the rugged hipster thing going for him and look at those bedroom, wait, no, those manger eyes he has! But still, it ‘s hard to call him a definite “hottie.” So, that leaves us with one thing to do.

Upload the photo onto and let the masses decide. Jesus was one of the people, was he not? If he truly is/was hot, ye faithful on this 100% accurate site will let us all know.

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