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Cooking with Mariah Carey (And also with Bryan)

In this step by step instructional article Mariah Carey teaches us how to make the perfect Christmas Cookie. Also Bryan is here!

Welcome to Cooking with Mariah Carey (And Also With Bryan). And this year all I want for Christmas is a great christmas cookie.
Everybody dreams of a white christmas, especially with your christmas cookies, so remember: you can never have too much salt.
Remember: SANITATION. Make sure that you ‘re pretty sure you washed your hands before hand. If you didn ‘t no biggie but just say you did.
Nothing shows you ‘re an expert chef like your ingredients. So put Jewels in your christmas cookies. Bedazzle it.
ALWAYS keep your weapons away from Mariah Carey. You cannot run away from here. Wherever you go, She ‘ll Be There.
Cook anywhere for 2 hours to 2 days. Because you never know with food. It ‘ll usually be undercooked or overcooked so just keep looking at it.
Voila! Great looking christmas cookies! Once they go in the oven they always come out perfect!

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