By: Skyler Stone

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DATELINE – Star Wars Edition: “Who Shot First?” with Ron Jeremy and Andy Dick

Written and Directed by Andy Kozel & Skyler Stone Produced by Andy Kozel and Skyler Stone Co-produced by Jerry Artukovich DP- Jamie Hall Editor – Geoffrey S. McNeil Music – Darren Geare Han Solo drawing – Allen TenBusschen Special Thanks – Nicole Stone for the house take-over & the patience. Wooden Nickel Lighting for your patience as well. And thanks to George Lucas, JJ Abrams and Lawrence Bender for creating the greatest trilogy (and now beyond) of all time! Cast: Keith Morrison – Andy Kozel Han Solo – Skyler Stone Storm Trooper 1 – Andy Dick Storm Trooper 2 – Robbie Kaller Luke Skywalker – Marc Mahoney Princess Leia – Melissa Villasenior Chris Hanson – Freddy Scott Operator VO – Courtney Scheuerman Chewbacca – Jamie Hall Boba Fett – Andy Kozel Boba Fett VO – Skyler Stone And featuring Ron Jeremy as Wuher The Cantina Bartender

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