By: Hunter M Altman

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Mr. Holland’s KRAMPUS

A Sketch Comedy Video That Has No Real Need To Exist

Starring Alex Salem as Mr. Holland
Molly Reynolds as Mrs. Holland
Calder Holbrook as Krampus
Anna Salinas as The Doting Student Who Might Actually Be Krampus
Joey as Dog.

Written/Directed/Shot by Hunter M. Altman
Makeup by Molly Reynolds
Kiss From a Rose by SEAL
Music from Mr. Holland ‘s Opus by Michael Kamen
Snow Stock footage by Mitch Martinez (
Mr. Holland ‘s Opus Poster from Jay / Hollywood Pictures
Krampus logo from Universal Studios
Music Cues from Nightmare on Elm Street Soundtrack by (Main Title and Telephone Terror) by Charles Bernstein
Jingle Bells Rock by Bobby Helms
Punch SFX by superfunnysheet
Magic Wand SFX by Mike Koenig / Jojikiba
Special Thanks:
Beverly Harris
Barry Ehrmann
Jeri Woodruff
Kate Huffman
Keith Newman and Jon Zucker
Everyone Who Decided This Video Needed To Exist

Edited by Hunter M. Altman on AVID

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