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Mariah Carey’s Managers Take Over

With the Christmas Show coming up Mariah hands over the reigns to her two incredibly competent managers of differing size.
Roll call. Get the team in order. Including the former Glam Squad director of Soundgarden ‘s reunion tour.
Seems to me that everyone ‘s hands should be up.
A good attitude is hard to come by. A ginger santa is harder to come by. And vaguely terrifying.
Did you just come up with that?
Yes yes.
We. Are. Killing it.
When given power the important thing to do is establish dominance by subtly letting people know how you feel about them.
The sign of a good leader is being feared. The second sign is everybody quitting on you.
Ultimately it ‘s what you get out of the job that is the most rewarding. In this case it ‘s the stuff we stole.

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