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“No Duh” News Of The Day

Sometimes news is exciting. A lot of times it ‘s mundane. Every once in awhile it ‘s such a long time coming, when it ‘s reported on, you can only respond ‘no, duh.” We got a few of those ‘no, duh” news items this week, baby.

Greedy Asshole Who Values Money Above All Else Did Something Illegal To Make Money

Pharmaceutical nightmare boy, Martin Shkreli, the kiddo who jacked up AIDS medication prices 5,500%, was arrested on fraudulent charges this morning. Yeah, something about a dude who actively makes medicine that saves people ‘s lives difficult to get screams, ‘I ‘m a shady motherfucker, I ‘m probably guilty of fraud.” No, duh.

Political Megalomaniac Likes Style Of Other Political Megalomaniac

Vlad ‘the Bad”Putin announced today that he thinks Donald Trump is bright and talented.” Whoa! Two egomaniac sociopaths thinking highly of one another! Erhm, no duh! (That being said, here is to praying Trump never rides a horse without a shirt on.)

Polluting The Air Has Made Fresh Air A Scarce Commodity That Those Without Will Pay For

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