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Stupid Cat Video – CHECK 15 – May 2015

Here at CHECK 15, our goal is to create a Monthly Cancer Awareness Day. On the 15th day of every month, we'll be hitting the internet with a reminder to break down barriers around the cancer conversation (with a healthy dose of humor). This month, we give the internet what it wants: #CATS. FOLLOW US @ Starring MacKenzie Peykov Directed by K. R. Smith Lyrics Written by K. R. Smith Cinematography by Mike Stanislawski Produced by Vicky Chan Special Thanks to Sant ‘ D'or Adoption Center. We do not own the rights to the music selections used within. This video falls under the factors of fair use. This video was created for non-profit & educational purposes. Parody song “Mammary” based on: “Memory” from the musical CATS Written by Andrew lloyd Webber

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