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Mariah’s Next Christmas Hit

Mariah Carey has written her own holiday songs and they ‘ve been huge hits. But the team wanted Mariah to get some rest so they brought in some other song writers to audition their new holiday songs for Mariah to sing.

First up is William. Let ‘s hear his song: ‘Snow, Tae-bo, in the Chateau”

Do they all rhyme with snow? No. They could though, you know?
And I have never been a songwriter to tell the tooth.
William ‘s got one last request. All I want for Christmas is Mariah ‘s two wisdom teeth.

Bert seems like he ‘s on to something big this holiday season.

I mean when you think about it you only really yodel in the snow.
As Bert always says: If you say it intensely enough it ‘ll always be true.

We legitimately have no idea who this guy is.

Oh. It ‘s Mariah ‘s old friend Johnny Toilet.
As the old Jazz saying goes: It ‘s not about the clarinet squeaks, it ‘s the spaces in between the clarinet squeaks.

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