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A Bunch Of Dummies Want To Bomb Aladdin

Hop on your magic carpet, Aladdin, because a recent poll showed that 30% of Republicans and 19% of Democrats support bombing your fictional town Agrabah. Yeah, that ‘s right, a sizable amount of adult human beings were like, “that made up word sounds vaguely Middle Eastern, sure let ‘s bomb the fuck out of it.”

Okay, maybe a few were like, “Yeah, fuck Aladdin, sic ’em” but most people are just likely as ignorant and/or racist. To be fair, it isn ‘t incredibly common knowledge that Agrabah is the land where Aladdin is from. But to counterpoint that counterpoint, it is incredibly terrifying to just want to bomb any place you aren ‘t 100% sure exists.

For anyone who fictionally lives in these imaginary places: Gotham City, Quahog, RI, Springfield, El Dorado, and Hogsmeade, get your foreign policies in order because some idiots from the US might start attacking you guys.

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