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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: 9 Gifts Your Dad Will Love!

Everyone knows that dads are the hardest people to shop for. But don ‘t worry, we ‘ve got your back with our list of gifts dads are guaranteed to love. Whether your dad is into sports or history, our gift guide will help you give your dad what he really wants.

Sporty Dad

Is your dad an All-American, football-loving Dad ‘s dad? Then there ‘s not better gift for him than this issue of Playboy magazine. At the end of a long day, dads just want to come home from work, turn on the game, and flip through a magazine filled with nude hotties. Make all his dreams come true this holiday season!

Music Lover Dad

Does your dad love that classic rock and roll? Of course he does! That ‘s why he ‘ll love to find this issue of Playboy instead of a lump of coal. It ‘s not just the music issue, but the sex issue too, which is guaranteed to make your dad smile!

Classy Dad

Does your dad love the finer things in life? Great wine, first class, and sophisticated half-naked women? I have no idea who Stephanie Branton is, but look at how fancy that chair is! I guarantee any classy dad would love to find a magazine filled with her naked body under the tree Christmas morning.

History Buff Dad

If your dad is like mine, he loves history and also attractive women. That ‘s why the first-ever issue of Playboy is a great gift choice! Featuring a fully naked Marilyn Monroe, you ‘ll give your dad the gift of reliving his glory years.

Festive Dad

Do you have one of those dads that just loves Christmas itself more than anything else? Then he ‘ll love getting this Christmas-themed issue of Playboy, filled with nude women who are filled with the holiday spirit!

Edgy Dad

Is your dad always on the cutting edge with the latest gadgets? Is he ‘hep to the beat”? Then make sure to put the Kim Kardashian Paper magazine issue in his stocking! If your dad just loves to be ahead of the crowd, he ‘ll love this ‘hip” magazine spread of a sexy naked woman.

Gay Dad

Is your dad gay? Then he ‘ll absolutely love unwrapping this issue of Playgirl in front of the family on Christmas morning!

Sentimental Dad

Do you have the type of dad who appreciates a thoughtful, homemade gift? Then hand draw him a Playboy spread featuring Sofia Vergara, the reason why he doesn ‘t leave the room when your mom turns on Modern Family! She ‘s never been featured in the magazine, and I ‘m sure he ‘ll really appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Dad Who Has A Totally Unchill Wife

Is your mom totally not cool with Playboys? Even though that ‘s sort of what makes every other item on this list the perfect gift, get him the completely acceptable to peruse in the living room while watching TV with the family Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2015!

Thanks for checking out our gift guide for dads! Let us know if you can think of any we missed in the comments!

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