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Ladies, Trump Doesn’t Want To Know You Poop

Fuckin ‘ Trump. Along with using vulgar and offensive language to describe Obama beating Hillary in the 2008 presidential race, he seemed visibly upset and horrified that Clinton, a woman, had to use the bathroom during Saturday ‘s debate.

The former we should all have guessed by now. This is a dude who slings out bigoted language like women ‘s butts sling out shit. You know, it happens literally every day.

But he really did seem mortified that Hillary could have been using bathroom. This is a man who wants to run the country and doesn ‘t like to think about women shitting. Okay, sure no one likes to think about it, but Trump is so repulsed it ‘s like he wants women to just hold it all in. (Trump, baby, if we held all the shit in, we ‘d be full of crap just like you.)

This is a call to action. Women, if you ‘re reading this, tweet at Trump (@TheRealDonaldTrump) and let him know you drop a deuce, too, with the hashtag #WeShitToo. If you ‘re super inclined, we can ‘t stop you from backing it up with photographic evidence. And if you have a lot of time on your hands, please set up camp outside of his Trump Tower and let him know whatsup.

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