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Neil deGrasse Tyson Ruins ‘Star Wars’ With Science

Whoa! Did you love Star Wars? Seems like everyone did! Wait, not Neil deGrasse Tyson! He just loves science and when anything goes against science he goes against it.
Here ‘s what he had to say. (warning! warning! some spoilers!)

Literally no one asked.

OK, don ‘t bring BB-8 to an MTV beach party. Noted. Sounds like you ‘re ruining Star Wars and spring break, Neil.

Well, I ‘ll believe this because it ‘s coming from you, someone who really knows how to destroy any energy, ya know, really killing the vibe we all had going on here.

Do you know how to just enjoy a movie, Neil? Do you? Grab some popcorn, leave work at work. We ‘re flying around in space, it doesn ‘t matter how fast, k? Just enjoy the zoom zooms.

Again, no one asked, Neil.

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