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Channel Banner, Background, and More…

Here are a few more things that you can do to further customize your channel homepage:

– Add a banner just above your content
– Change the background color
– Hide your Twitter timeline (optional)

Add a banner

The banner can display a text message or show an image. This banner will be on all pages stemming from the channel. This means that if you created a custom channel such as /myfodchannel/faves, the banner will appear there too. It will not appear on media (videos, articles, etc.) related to the channel.

On the Channel Overview page, click ‘Edit Info ‘.

Fill in the WYSIWYG box with your banner message. You can also place an image (hosted) in the box.

Remember to click ‘Update Channel Page ‘ at the bottom after you are done!

Change background color

Tired of black?

Select the desired background color from the color picker and then click ‘Update Channel ‘. Again, this will apply to all pages stemming from your channel; but not to your media pages.

Hide Twitter timeline

If you entered a Twitter account in your channel profile, a timeline will automatically appear on your channel homepage grid. It looks like this:

If you do not want this timeline to appear, check the box ‘Hide Twitter timeline ‘.

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