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Manage Your Media

You will find everything you need to manage your media in the Media section of Channel Management:

– View media statistics
– Add participants to media
– Feature, edit, or delete media titles
– Download video source

View media statistics

Click on the title of your media and you will see this page. You may also feature, delete, or add participants from this page.

Add participants to media

To add a participant (same as ‘Channel ‘) to your media click the Participants gear, begin typing the channel name, and select the auto-filled selection. Fill in their ‘Role ‘ and decide if you would like to allow them to edit the media. When you are done, click ‘Add Participant ‘.

The channel owner will get an email asking them to confirm their participant status. Only when they click on the confirmation link in their email will they then will be added as a participant, and their channel name will be displayed in the credits.

Feature and edit media titles

Next to each media item are a brief set of statistics and various action buttons. The stats indicate number of views, ‘Funny ‘ votes, ‘Die ‘ votes, and funny percentage.

You may feature or unfeature by clicking those buttons. To manage your featured items further, go here.

To edit your media, click the ‘Edit ‘ button. In this window you can change your video metadata as well as pick a different thumbnail:

You can also upload a custom thumbnail by clicking on the ‘Show Optional ‘ toggle and picking a file.

Note: If you do not see an ‘Edit ‘ button next to the media item, it ‘s probably because you were added as a participant but not given edit permissions.

Delete media titles

If you would like to delete a media item, this is where/ how to do it. Keep in mind that this is permanent- once you delete something, it ‘s gone. If you would like to keep the video file on your own computer, read on.

Download video source file

To download a copy of the original video file that you uploaded to the site, click this button.

In most browsers you will just need to click on the ‘Download Link ‘ button and the download will begin immediately. Otherwise, follow the instructions and paste into another browser window.

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