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Create Playlist or Web Series

Creating a web series or playlist is done in generally the same manner. The only difference is that you must choose in the beginning whether you want to make a web series or a playlist. Perhaps most significant distinction between the two (and also the typical deciding factor on which to create) is that a web series can only contain videos uploaded by you.

Create a Web Series

On the Web Series & Playlists page, click ‘+ New web series ‘.

You may reveal some advanced options by toggling the ‘Show Optional ‘ switch.

Adding a description will add a line underneath the webseries title if you feature it on your channel homepage grid, like in the example below:

You can further customize the appearance of your playlist as it appears on your channel homepage grid by adding a background photo, as shown in the example below:

You can add your videos from the left column to the right side by clicking ‘+ ‘. Rembember, you can only add videos that you have uploaded; so you will only see those listed here.

Once you have added videos to your web series, you can rearrange their order by either dragging them with the left handle or moving them up via the arrow on the right.

Create a Playlist

Creating a playlist is the same as creating a web series, as detailed above. To get started, on the Web Series & Playlists page click ‘+ New playlist ‘ instead of ‘+ New web series ‘.

To feature (or unfeature) a web series or playlist on your channel homepage, you can click on the ‘Feature ‘ or ‘Unfeature ‘ button. To fine-tune where they will appear on your channel page, check out this article.

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