By: Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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2015 Was All About Being “On Fleek” And Also ISIS

As 2015 comes to a close, one can ‘t help but look back on the year and remember the highs (Steve Harvey crowning the wrong Miss Universe) and the lows (the fact we still have a Miss Universe pageant.) Now is also a time to think about what “made” 2015 and while there are surely a lot of contenders, 2015 was really all about being “on fleek” and also ISIS.

To be “on fleek” is to be perfect, or to be “on point.” One ‘s fleek-ness is in their attitude, their style, and according to Instagram, their eyebrows. ISIS is a radical terrorist organization behind some of the most horrendous terror attacks in recent months. There wasn ‘t a station you could turn on or a website you could visit that wasn ‘t like “on fleek this” or “on fleek that”, and also “ISIS has released a new video beheading a hostage.”

It ‘s nice that at the end of the year, when we ‘re typically off work and allowed some much needed downtime, we are able to really reflect on the year behind us. It isn ‘t always immediately clear what filled out those entire twelve months. Sometimes it requires a retrospective position to realize, “hey I really did keep my promise of going to the gym!” or “man, did I really caption all of my Instagram photos #YaGirlIsOnFLeek” or “ah fuck, ISIS is an international threat.” I think if we don ‘t take the time to meditate on the year behind us, we rush into the new year anxious and unprepared, which as I explained earlier, would be not on fleek. It also wouldn ‘t be very NICE-is, which is a silly play on words of the militant terrorist organization responsible for over 10,000 deaths in the last year and a half.

It ‘ll be exciting to see what 2016 brings and what carries over from this year to the next. What styles will we be laughing at or embarrassed by? Will we listen to Bieber ‘s album in a year and ask “what were we thinking? this isn ‘t on fleek, this is as bad as ISIS!”Will we finally get rid of the Miss Universe Pageant? Or Steve Harvey?

Let us raise our glass to the new year and wish fleekness to our friends and ISIS to absolutely no one, because not even our enemies deserve the putrid and lonely hell that is the souls of those men! Hooray!

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