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Sarah Palin’s ’31 Rock’ Has Created An Echoing Parody Void

But who mocks the mocker? Sarah Palin parodied Tina Fey ‘s Liz Lemon character in a sketch produced by Independent Journal called “31 Rock.” As you ‘re probably aware, Fey played Palin in many SNL sketches a few years back and reprised the role this past Saturday. I wonder if we ‘ll keep seeing this lovely and eerie call and response for the rest of our lives?

Probably. Let ‘s just always make videos and references and have an endless looping conversation of media. Is it funny? Yeah sure, it ‘s got a few jokes. Will everyone remember the last sketch? Will all the sketches become one giant conglomerate of video? Do two women who look alike have to make a thousand videos about it until they are set free?

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