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13 Things To Expect From The Final Season Of ‘Mad Men ‘

The final episodes of Mad Men begin this Sunday. Here are some things to expect as the series draws to a close.

  • The John Deere riding mower finally returns to finish what it started
  • Peggy births twin daughters and names them Ashley and Mary Kate
  • Don Draper finally drapes something over something
  • The firm takes on Kent State University as a client, and the timing COULDN ‘T be worse!
  • Forty minutes of stories about the glamour of the advertising world, interrupted by 20 minutes of loud, incoherent, and boring drivel from the actual advertisers
  • Don coins the term ‘glass ceiling,” using Peggy ‘s career to demonstrate to clients to rousing applause
  • Someone will finally utter the iconic phrase ‘These ad men are more like Mad men!”
  • A young Bill Clinton kisses Peggy on the mouth and everyone takes it in stride
  • The camera zooms out to show that the entire series took place in the imagination of a really cool and smart AMC executive
  • Michael Ginsberg ‘s severed nipple wins the firm the big Lansinoh Nipple Cream account.
  • Don fathers Jon Hamm on a business trip
  • Pete Campbell throws up into an airplane armrest ashtray
  • Don finally falls off that building as predicted by the opening credits

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