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This Cake Decoration Was Definitely Staged But Is Still A Nice Goof

A trope on the Internet is to post pictures of cakes supposedly decorated by overly-literal cake decorators who write things like ‘HAPPY GRADUATION, JAKE JUST LIKE THAT IN THE MIDDLE WITHOUT ANY COMMAS AND CAN YOU PUT SPRINKLES ON IT” in fancy script on their cakes. A different but related trope is to lecture the people who post those pictures because they definitely just told the decorator to write that since professional decorators can ‘t be that stupid! So where does that leave us?

We ‘re going to show you a cake pic now, but before you say anything, know that this cake:
a) was definitely decorated like that on purpose and not a mistake ‘the person who posted it SAID SO,
b) is a cool goof regardless of (a),
c) maybe is delicious! Hard to tell from pictures. Decide for yourself!

Okay you can look now:

via Reddit

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