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Artist Breathes New Life Into A Tired Pickup Line

Saying ‘Excuse me, I think you dropped this” and then handing someone a piece of paper with your phone number on it is perhaps the most clich ‘ and ineffective pickup line of all time. However, Matt Christensen has breathed new life into the tired premise by simply drawing a bunch of randomness before handing over the paper. The simple act shows spunk, creativity, and that all-important ‘probably not a serial killer” quality.

A good number of his drawings have a fun spin on pop-culture characters, which you can see below. Although, you ‘ll need to click through to his Tumblr, Excuse Me, I Think You Dropped This, to see how he actually fared in the lady department. HINT: Meh.

via Excuse Me, I Think You Dropped This / Pleated Jeans

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