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Kumail Nanjiani Wishes Some People Would Stop Yelling ‘Silicon Valley’ Quotes At Him

Kumail Nanjiani was on Late Night last night and got to talking about how awkward it can be when he ‘s out with, say, his parents, or maybe someone who hasn ‘t seen him on Silicon Valley, and a stranger yells at him one of his filthier lines from the show. Apparently it ‘s weird to have strangers yell ‘snack dick” at you or ask you how quickly you could jerk off every person in the room!

So with this in mind, how can Silicon Valley-heads celebrate seeing Kumail Nanjiani in public? Maybe you can just whisper ‘snack dick” at him instead of yelling, or otherwise say something tamer like, ‘Great work on your funny show; I like a lot of the lines you say but am choosing not to say them right now because I ‘m not sure it ‘s appropriate. ‘ In fact, feel free to print out this article so you can say that exact thing to him.

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