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21 More Instances Of Brian Williams Embellishing The Truth In His Reporting

An NBC internal investigation found 11 instances where Brian Williams apparently embellished the truth in his reporting. NBC suspended the Nightly News anchor in February when allegations of his misrepresenting the truth first emerged. Below are 21 more examples of Williams embellishing the truth yet to be discovered.

  • During Kim Jong-un ‘s month-long disappearance last year, the North Korean dictator was not, as Williams stated, ‘just chillin ‘” at Williams ‘ Manhattan townhouse.
  • He is not cousins with Pharrell Williams. In fact, he has never even met Pharrell Williams.
  • Williams was not the first person to play rock ‘n ‘ roll music in the direction of the Berlin Wall and, in fact, the band he claimed to have done that with, The Press Heres, never existed.
  • Williams was never on the TV program 30 Rock as he so often claims. He did, however, make over three dozens cameos on Two and A Half Men as the goofy neighbor.
  • While reporting on Hurricane Katrina, Williams did not spend a night in the Super Dome as he claimed, nor was he forced to defecate from the cross bar of one of the field goal posts.
  • Williams never actually one time saw ‘these two hot models” having sex in the window of the building across the street from his office. The building across the street is a damp soil warehouse.
  • Williams was not the person responsible for giving the protests in Cairo ‘s Tahrir Square their name when he made the offhand remark to a group of tweeting youths, ‘Well, I guess this is some sort of Arab Spring, huh?”
  • At no point in his career did people refer to Williams as ‘Big Willy B from the Big E-Z” as he claimed while reporting in New Orleans.
  • Williams has in fact accidentally called Barbara Walters ‘Mom” on multiple occasions.
  • Williams is not 1992 Olympic Figure Skating gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi.
  • When the Large Hadron Collider discovered proof of the Higgs Boson, it did not also discover that the world is made up of trillions upon trillions of Brian Williamses.
  • Williams has never gone pants-less in the studio because ‘the cameras don ‘t see it, so who cares” as he often says he has done at dinner parties. He has always worn pants.
  • That is not his sweet ’69 Chevelle in the parking lot.
  • Despite what he claims, Williams actually did run Princess Diana off the road.
  • Williams did not hit a buzzer-beater in Game 7 of the 2013 NBA finals as a member of the Miami Heat.
  • Williams was never a cameraman on any season of MTV ‘s The Real World and has no inside knowledge on the workings of that show.
  • The horrors of the Indonesian earthquake did not ‘make his hair stand straight up like a frightened cartoon character.”
  • His claim that he once ‘wrestled a ghost for cash” is merely a dream he had, and, even if it were true it shouldn ‘t have been included in that story about autism.
  • He is not Allison Williams ‘ father. He is her mother.
  • Williams paid an employee at Fat Sandwich in Wisconsin to put a photo up implying that he had completed the Big Fat Ugly Sandwich Challenge in which a customer must eat a massive hero in 15 minutes. In reality, Williams only finished a quarter of the sandwich before having very bad diarrhea.
  • Brian Williams is actually named Bryan Williams.

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