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Cecily Strong And Obama’s Anger Translator Luther Visit The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

This weekend was the White House Correspondents ‘ Dinner, where comedians, celebrities, and politicians all gather in one room to hang out, which it feels safe to assume they are already doing all the time, but this time us ‘regular people” are allowed to watch because it ‘s on C-SPAN.

Below are two videos in which comedians interact with politicians. If you are really into the ‘dinner” part of the White House Correspondents Dinner, you can think of the first, longer video as a main course and the second shorter one as dessert. That ‘s a fun way to think about videos, like they are food. It ‘s fun to think about almost anything as food. Go ahead, try it.

First up, it looks like ROAST was on the menu, as host Cecily Strong made jokes about presidential candidates, journalists, the secret service, and the president. Hope the chefs served up some broccoli to go on the side!!! (Or whatever goes with roast, I don ‘t know what goes with roast!)

And for a special video ‘dessert” (yum!) here ‘s President Obama giving a speech accompanied by his anger translator Luther, played by Keegan-Michael Key. Jordan Peele usually plays Obama in this recurring Key and Peele sketch, but he was very understanding about being replaced.

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