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Street Artist Wanksy Puts A Huge Dick-Shaped Spotlight On Potholes

An anonymous British street artist known only as Wanksy wanted to call attention to his city ‘s growing pothole problem anyway he could. But when you go by the name Wanksy, there ‘s really only one thing you can do: You draw giant penises around stuff.

Naturally, some parents are upset, because, well, there are giant penises everywhere, but no one can argue that Wanksy ‘s well-hung efforts seem to be getting results.

Wanksy, whose name will never stop making us giggle, has been called both ‘stupid” and ‘incredibly insulting”by the local town council. So while it may seem the government is not amused, it ‘s pretty safe to assume that everyone else is.

via Wanksy – Road Artist, H/T Uproxx

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