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The ‘Avengers’ Cast Proves They Recognize One Another By Their Biceps

As the Avengers cast continues making the rounds to promote their movie, they keep coming off as very good, goofy friends, which is super sweet if you buy into it, and a masterful trick if you ‘re, say, a real bummer who doesn ‘t believe in friendship. If you fall into the latter category, this clip is sure to convince you that the cast is truly all great friends, as MTV has them play a quiz game where they identify fellow Avengers based only on a picture of a single bicep, which is what friends do, or at least definitely what me and my fellow impressively-bicep ‘d friends do!

Below, watch the Avengers cast very convincingly act like a bunch of friends, impressed by each others ‘ muscular bodies and making comments that only true friends could make, like, ‘You can tell from his pointy elbow that we always talk about.”

h/t Vulture

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