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Ryan Adams Performs Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” FINALLY

Ryan Adams is a prolific rock ‘n ‘ roll music man whose only crime throughout the years is having a name very similar to another rock ‘n ‘ roll music man who wrote one of rock ‘n ‘ roll ‘s most popular songs. As it turns out, Ryan has an extensive history of confronting hecklers, spelled out nicely in this Rolling Stone article, that includes once kicking a man out of his show for repeatedly requesting the Bryan Adams hit song ‘Summer of ’69.” On the way out, Ryan even gave the man 40 dollars as a refund for the concert ticket. That may seem like a diva move, but I can only imagine how annoying it would be to constantly hear drunk assholes yell out PLAY SUMMER! DUDE, PLAY SUMMER OF '69! I would probably kick the guy out too.

In an act of good humor and willingness to play along, something that Ryan Adams is not known for, he recently returned to the same theater in Nashville where he notoriously kicked out the ‘Summer of '69″ requester, more than a decade after the incident, and played a subdued version of the hit single for a happy crowd.

Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams aren ‘t the only celebrities with similar names who are inextricably linked. Here ‘s a list of other celebrity pairs that, despite their best efforts, can ‘t get away from each other.

Steve McQueen the famous actor and Steve McQueen the director of 12 Years A Slave.
Very early on in the filming of 12 Years a Slave, the director Steve McQueen was repeatedly asked by producers to ‘act cooler, you know, like the other Steve McQueen!” The director banned the use of the word ‘cool” on the set immediately.

Michelle Williams the actress and Michelle Williams from Destiny ‘s Child
Michelle Williams from Destiny ‘s Child is available and happy to do any work that involves imitating the other Michelle ‘s turn in Blue Valentine or anything else really. Just call her up and she ‘s ready to go.

Howard Stern the radio personality and Howard K. Stern the one guy who was involved in that whole Anna Nicole Smith mess years ago
Howard K. Stern is constantly asked if he ‘s ‘the king of all media” and he can ‘t respond because he is mired in about 80 lawsuits and literally anything he says will be held against him in a court of law.

Keenan Ivory Wayans the actor, Damon Wayans the actor, Marlon Wayans the actor, Kim Wayans the actor, and all the other Wayanses that are actors
The Wayanses love it when people shout at them on the street mistaking them for their brother or their sister. They all have the same last name and they share the same DNA so if a stranger asks Kim Wayans to do Homey D. Clown she very politely leans in close to the stranger ‘s ear and whispers ‘Homey don ‘t play that” which is very fun for everyone.

Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson the eccentric relief pitcher
You wouldn ‘t believe how many times Dodger fans screamed out ‘Kokomo!” when Brian Wilson the baseball player was pitching at Dodger Stadium. The request was always initially confusing because Wilson was pitching not singing, but it was doubly confusing because ‘Kokomo” was released well after Brian Wilson the musician had left the Beach Boys. But I guess that ‘s Dodger fans for ya ‘

Jacki Gleason from The Honeymooners and Jack Gleeson who plays King Joffrey on Game of Thrones
Gleason ‘s famous short-tempered Ralph Kramden character from The Honeymooners and King Joffrey from the fantasy TV show Game of Thrones are seemingly worlds apart. But if you watch very carefully in the scene where (SPOILER ALERT) Joffrey orders the beheading of Ned Stark, you can hear a tiny whisper from the corner of Joffrey ‘s mouth ‘Off with his head ‘ to the moon!” It doesn ‘t make sense for the character or the show as a whole and no one on set wanted to put it in the final cut, but Game of Thrones was still a new show looking for ratings and that ‘s what the public wants: references to things they ‘ve seen before.

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