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Katie Nolan Invents World ‘s Most Difficult Game: ‘Derby Horse Or Hipster Band?’

Millions of people tuned in this past weekend to the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby and saw American Pharaoh bring home the big prize of ‘ oats? The winning horse has to get like all the oats it wants, right?

Noticing that American Pharaoh wasn ‘t the only unusual horse name on the docket, Garbage Time ‘s Katie Nolan decided to play a little game called ‘Derby Horse Or Hipster Band?” You see, it ‘s a fun game because bands have weird names just like these crazy horses. And while, the video makes it seem like the game is nearly impossible to play, we ‘d like to think we ‘d fare at least a little better than these guys. Although, we understand the pressure of having to compete in a comedy for bit for a third-tier cable sports show.

All that said, we wouldn ‘t be mad if next year Coachella for Horses became like, a thing.

via Katie Nolan, H/T Uproxx

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