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Key & Peele Prove They Can Do No Wrong In ‘Negrotown ‘

Bad news, America. Season 5 of Key & Peele is still too months away. Fortunately, however, they ‘ve just released the season ‘s first sketch, and we have to say, it couldn ‘t have come at a better time. You know, on account of all the terrible stuff that ‘s always happening in the world.

The sketch open with Key ‘s character being arrested by the police for seemingly no reason, an all-too-common occurrence in this day and age. But in a magical twist of fate, he ‘s suddenly transported to a magical, musical eutopia where racism doesn ‘t exist. Not surprisingly, it ‘s because neither do white people.

‘Negrotown” is a poignant sketch with an excellent twist ending and, of course, the balls to make light of one of our society ‘s worst problems: Musical Theater.

via Comedy Central

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