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Tetris In Real Life Is Idiocy In Its Finest Form

We all know how frustrating playing Tetris can be when you need that one piece and, despite your endless screams, it just won ‘t come. It ‘s like, ‘ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING SQUARES ALREADY!” Now imagine you ‘re trying to get to work on time and you can ‘t get passed a row of Tetris blocks. Terrible, right? Now imagine it accompanied by super-loud, high-octane horn music? Oh no, that ‘s still really bad. Wait! Now imagine it ‘s all happening to someone else and not you this time. Hilarious, right?

With his latest release, TETRIS, R ‘mi GAILLARD, who apparently is a big deal prank artist on the YouTubes, combines everything you love about everyone ‘s favorite 8-bit puzzle game with sheer idiocy and, occasionally, the mild annoyance of strangers.

If you want our honest critique, this video is real dumb. But honestly, sometimes dumb is the best a thing can be.

via R ‘mi GAILLARD, H/T Gifak

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