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Louis C.K. Remembers Writing For Conan And Slipping In Dirty Jokes

Last night Louis C.K. visited Late Night with Seth Meyers, a show that he used to write for way back when it was Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Not Seth Meyers Yet, Seth Meyers Will Host Later. C.K. reminisced about his time writing for Conan, a favorite topic for when he ‘s on late night shows these days, probably because it makes sense to talk about late night shows when you ‘re on late night shows ‘ it has to be on your mind the whole time, so it would be weirder not to talk about it.

This time C.K. remembers himself as a selfish 20-something who cared mainly about getting his own stuff on the show, including a joke about ‘pearl necklaces,” which he estimates 60% of people didn ‘t know about at the time, but these days it ‘s probably way less, thanks to the internet helping society make such huge leaps in cultural knowledge.

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