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Hey, Why Not Watch A Supercut Of Every Time Owen Wilson Has Said Wow In A Movie?

What are you doing right now? Is it interesting? Do you need to take a break? Do you want to be astonished? Wait, let me rephrase, do you want to watch someone else ‘a professional actor ‘be astonished, again and again, and again x ~100?

Well here it is, the supercut that you ‘ve all been waiting for! *Sounds off airhorns, but the noise coming from the airhorns are all distinct utterances of Owen Wilson saying ‘WOW”*

The uploader of this Youtube video, Owenergy Studios (nice!) claims that this supercut contains ‘every single WOW from Owen Wilson so far except for the animated films.” Don ‘t believe them? Just watch [every single non-animated Owen Wilson movie so far]! Now that would be something truly WOW-worthy. At which point, you can just queue up this video as your reward.


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