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Movement To Get Harriet Tubman On $20 Bill Gaining Support

There is a grassroots campaign going on to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with a woman. The campaign, called simply ‘Women on 20s,” held two rounds of voting to see who people thought should replace Jackson. Escaped slave and abolitionist Harriet Tubman won the voting, beating out second place Eleanor Roosevelt, 118,328 to 111,227. The other two top 4 finalists were Rosa Parks and Wilma Mankiller.

The poll, of course, wasn ‘t legally binding and there is still work to be done to actually get the face on the $20 bill changed, but the group is hopeful that with enough individuals supporting the online campaign (There are over 600,000 supporters now) they can get the President ‘s attention and maybe he can get the job done.

In fact, the process of changing what is on money doesn ‘t take Congress or anything super official like you ‘d expect, you just need to convince Jack Lew, the Secretary of the Treasury, to make the change and bing bang boom it ‘s done. While the first priority should definitely be getting a non-white, non-man on one or more pieces of currency, here are some other changes I ‘d like to propose to Mr. Lew.

$1 bill

Golden Retriever with a newspaper in its mouth
Don ‘t get me wrong, I love bald eagles and what they represent to America, and granted, it may be tough to convince the treasury to get rid of the Great Seal of the United States in favor of a dog, but a golden retriever with its big wet eyes looking at you, holding the morning paper? I don ‘t think it gets much more American than that.

$2 bill

A hand holding up the peace signThe $2 bill is very rare but when you see one it tends to underwhelm. One way to make it cool is to take out all of the 2 ‘s on the bill and replace them with a hand giving the peace sign. That way you both communicate that the bills is worth 2 dollars and you tell America to just chill and be cool for once.

$5 bill

An unknown woman peaking out from behind one of the Lincoln Memorial pillars This one might be easy because it doesn ‘t involve replacing or getting rid of any of the traditional elements of the bill. The woman peaking from behind the pillar wouldn ‘t represent anything, it would just be a nice conversation starter because face to face interaction is lacking in America these days due to smart phones.

‘What do you think that woman is doing back there?” is a great way to get into a fun conversation and to make a new friend.

$10 bill

A normal, run-of-the-mill public school on the back instead of the TreasuryI have always thought that putting a picture of their own building on the back of the ten was a pretty ballsy move by the Treasury. Kind of like putting a picture of yourself up at your own birthday party. What we should be honoring is our public schools across the nation, so let ‘s put the picture of a super average looking public school on the back of the ten because children are out future and hopefully money is our future too.

$50 bill

The lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner taking up all the negative spaceThere ‘s a lot of room on the back of the 50. Let ‘s fill it with our nation ‘s anthem! I think it would be especially good if President Obama had a fifth grader write out the lyrics so it looks all sloppy and innocent.

$100 bill

Change Nothing ‘It ‘s all about the Benjamins, Baby”

$1,000 bill

Put the exterior of the Cheers bar on the backSince there isn ‘t a building on the back of the one thousand and you never see one of these anyway, the Treasury should just have fun with it. It would also be a good piece of trivia for Cliff to mention in a scene if they ever decide to make some more Cheers.

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