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13 Creative Promposals You’d Have To Be A Total Asshole To Say No To

Prom season is upon us, and a simple ‘Will you go to prom with me?” will these days get you laughed out of your high school and straight into a lifetime of crushing loneliness. But don ‘t worry, because we ‘ve come up with some creative, memorable prom-posals that you ‘d have to be a real fucking asshole to say no to.

  • Shave ‘PROM?” into her boyfriend ‘s pubic hair
  • Put post-it notes that say ‘prom?” all over her car. Trust me, there ‘s only a small window where you can get away with that kind of shit.
  • Use a fun visual pun, like spelling ‘PRAWM?” out of live shrimp.
  • Take them on a helicopter tour of the rainforest, but light a section on fire that reads ‘Go to prom with me?”
  • Camp out for days to buy out the prom tickets as soon as they go on sale, then use your status as Prom-Ticket-King to get any mate you desire.
  • Write ‘fuck you” on a pizza in pepperoni and give it to the person you want to ask. Then, when she wheels around to slap you, she sees ‘JK, go to prom with me?” written on your face.
  • Personal ad in Prom Magazine
  • Write ‘Prom?” under the lid of a large wooden box. Now fake your death and start calling her name from inside of it at the funeral.
  • Bake a cake with a prom in it.
  • Whisper it softly as you cum.
  • Get a soft hearted U.S. Marshall to serve her with a legally binding summons to appear
  • ‘Can ‘t go wrong with a cookie cake.” ‘ Ben Franklin
  • Spraypaint each of the letters ‘P,” ‘R,” ‘O,” and ‘M” on four adorable white kittens. On a fifth adorable white kitten, spraypaint your name and contact information.

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