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Sketch Team’s All-New Episode Of ‘Seinfeld’ Is Truly Must See TV

Seinfeld is an unusual beast. Everyone loves to make fun of it, but there ‘s really nothing there you can poke fun at. The best you can hope to do is take what was great about it, and put that in some new super-meta, hyper-aware, internet-friendly comedy engine. For instance, just think of every new twitter account that came out last year.

Or, you can do what Bellevue did and just say ‘fuck it, let ‘s just make another one.”

In what was billed as ‘a sketch show about the nothing,” the group wrote and performed an entirely new episode of Seinfeld entitled ‘The Leaning Susan.” After putting it up several times this past year at NYC ‘s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, it ‘s finally hit the internet. And were it not for the black walls and gawking audience, no one would fault you for confusing this for an actual episode of Seinfeld. Cathryn Mudon ‘s Elaine is spectacular, Susan may or may not return from the dead (Spoiler Alert: She does), and Kramer krames as hard as ever.

We know asking you to watch 30 minutes of anything is a big ask, but we promise, this one ‘s worth your time. Besides, you want to watch this now before Hulu scoops it up and then you need to watch commercials even though you pay for HuluPlus. Now what ‘s the deal with that?

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