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Brad Hall Might Be The Michael Jordan Of Comedic Sneakerheads

In his latest sneaker review, Youtube user Brad Hall tackles the retro Air Jordan XIs, a sneaker so fresh you ‘ll want to lick the sole, which he recommends against, as it ‘tastes ‘ not great.”

Hall, a khaki-wearing man in glasses with barely a half-octave vocal range, is incredibly gifted at pointing out what ‘s so cool about Michael ‘Air” Jordan and his really cool shoes, while simultaneously (and very subtly) pointing out everything that is so inherently dumb about sneaker culture. At one point in the video, Hall vows that the first time he wears the sneaker will be at his funeral. Not one to disappoint, however, he brilliantly manages to include footage of him ‘trying on” the shoes so you know what they might look like with your very own pair of khakis.

In terms of sneaker videos, this one might go down as the G.O.A.T.

via Brad Hall, H/T Bleacher Report

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